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Viggen49 03.01.2019 22:09

Xedos 9
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Hello !! I'm french and i have a xedos 9 FL !!! I love my car and i'm happy to find other people who like this car ! Sorry for my english ... Thanks. :)
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kl31 04.01.2019 18:42

Welcome, very beatiful car.
Which country you buy it?

Viggen49 04.01.2019 19:11

Bonjour. En France.

Mazda RX-7 SA 04.01.2019 20:54

Welcome to the board!:):D

Viggen49 05.01.2019 08:31

Thanks ! I love this car but it is complicated to find pièces. For example my xedos right mirror electric folding function doesn't work and it is complicated to find a complete mirror ( i search for millenia in USA but it have no heating function). If i write in french , do you have a translation system? Thanks

Dino_72 06.01.2019 10:10

Hello and welcome. I have the same car and I am excited too. Have fun and enjoy the Xedos 9.

Mazda RX-7 SA 06.01.2019 21:01


Zitat von Viggen49 (Beitrag 146642)
If i write in french , do you have a translation system? Thanks

Pls write in english, then everyone here can understand you without any program...


baldX9 10.01.2019 11:04

Welcome! Same Car here, same problems in getting the right parts. Keep searching, the car is worth it!

How many km does it have?

Viggen49 24.01.2019 22:41

Hello. 182000 km. I love it.

Dino_72 16.02.2019 16:59

Hello, that is a nice keychain. Would you sell it to me?


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